Clay Matthews Fathead Wall Stickers

Clay Matthews Wall Stickers

Clay Matthews Wall Stickers

Clay Matthews Fathead Decals

Clay Matthews Fathead Decals

How would you like to invite Clay Matthews over to watch the next big Packers game with you and your buds? That would be awesome for you, but tough for Clay, since he’ll be at the game sacking the opposing quarterback and dancing over him with his intense sack celebration. You probably won’t get Clay Matthews to come over during a Packers game, but you can have the next best thing 24/7. Buy one of these fantastic life-size Fathead wall decals of Clay Matthews doing one of his famous sack celebrations and you’ll enjoy the game time intensity of #52 all day every day! Or maybe you like one of the other Clay Matthews Fatheads instead. There are several different choices for wall stickers of your favorite linebacker.

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Wall Stickers of Clay Matthews

Fathead offers quite a few options for Clay Matthews stickers. There are several action shots of Clay wearing the green jersey and gold pants, the white jersey and gold pants, or even the throwback uniform. If you’ve been a fan of Clay’s all the way back to USC, there’s even a wall decal with him in his old USC college uniform. There’s even a Fathead of Clay Matthews’ father Clay Matthews Jr. in his Cleveland Browns uniform (Green Bay Clay is Clay Mathews III).

Fathead offers large life-size wall decal sets and smaller (but still high impact) stickers. Check out the example pictures on this page, or click here to see them all. Not only do you get the huge life-sized Clay Matthews decal, but when you buy the large decal package you also get several extra decals of the Green Bay Packers logo G, a decal of the Packers helmet, and a few others. You can decorate an entire Green Bay Packers room with one set, or get another giant sized Green Bay logo or helmet sticker. These are high quality vinyl wall decals that last for years. You can even remove them from the wall and put them up somewhere else (just be careful doing it). Fathead wall decals will not damage your walls and they leave behind no sticky residue.

Green Bay Packers Wall Decals

Check out these awesome examples of the Fathead Green Bay Packers wall decals. You can get a huge G logo, a giant Green Bay helmet sticker, a Super Bowl champions logo, or several of the most popular past and present Packers players (Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, Charles Woodson, Reggie White, etc..). Decorate your Packers themed man-cave with the best wall decals available – Fathead!

Green Bay Packers Fatheads

Green Bay Packers Fatheads

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Popular Green Bay Packers Fatheads

Here are some of the most popular Green Bay Packers Fatheads:

  • Clay Matthews – Linebacker | Size: 3′8″ wide x 6′5″ tall | SKU: 12-20706
  • Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Champions Logo | Size: 3′3″ wide x 3′4″ tall | SKU: 14-14232
  • Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV Champions Logo | Size: 3′3″ wide x 3′4″ tall | SKU: 14-14232
  • Green Bay Packers 2012 Helmet | Size: 4′8″ wide x 3′9″ tall | SKU: 11-10059
  • Greg Jennings | Size: 4′W x 6′6″ tall | SKU: 12-20296
  • Aaron Rodgers – Looking Down Field | Size: 3′4″ wide x 6′5″ tall | SKU: 12-21026
  • Green Bay Packers Logo | Size: 4′2″ wide x 2′9″ tall | SKU: 14-14014

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Tony Romo Wall Decals

Giant Tony Romo Wall Decals

Giant Tony Romo Wall Decals

Huge Dallas Cowboys Start Logo Fathead

Huge Dallas Cowboys Start Logo Fathead

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a life-size decal of the Dallas Cowboys’ Quarterback, Tony Romo, on a wall in your house! You can!!! has amazing real-life decals of this fan favorite quarterback!

Tony Romo was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2003 and has been with the team ever since. Just as he had to work his way up to a starting position in high school, Tony has had to do the same with the Dallas Cowboys. He started out as the team’s third string quarterback. He has developed and fine-tuned his skills over the years and now he is leading the Cowboys in their quest for yet another Super Bowl victory! Go Cowboys!!

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Number 9, Tony Romo, who played college ball at Eastern Illinois University, won the Walter Payton award in his senior year. The award is the equivalent of the Heisman trophy but for 1AA level.

Have the guys over for the next game with some awesome decals up on the media room wall of superstar athletes like Tony Romo. Or maybe your son or grandson’s current idol is Tony Romo. Think about how they would feel getting a giant decal to put on their bedroom wall. Fathead wall decals make great gifts for any NFL fan. They have all the big stars, plus all the team logos and huge helmet decals too. Great looking stickers for high impact fan decor!

Size: 3′6″ wide x 6′4″ tall (HUGE)
Fathead SKU: 12-20745

Extra wall stickers in this Package

Look at the extra stickers you get with the Tony Romo decal package. You get several smaller helmet and star decals along with some additional “Cowboys” and Tony Romo stickers. We say “smaller”, but these decals are still large enough to make a big difference in your Dallas Cowboys themed room.

More Dallas Cowboys Wall Decals

Check out some of these other great Fathead decals featuring the Dallas Cowboys. Giant star logo decals, super sized helmet stickers, DeMarcus Ware, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray, Jason Witten, Miles Austin, and more. What a great way to decorate a Cowboys themed man cave!

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Dallas Cowboys Wall Decals

Dallas Cowboys Wall Decals

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Andrew Luck Fathead Wall Decals

Andrew Luck Wall Stickers

Indianapolis Colts Logo Wall Decals

Colts fans are super excited about quarterback Andrew Luck. It won’t be easy to replace the legendary Peyton Manning, but if anybody can do it, it’s Andrew Luck. But will he replace Manning on your wall at home? That’s the big question. …..

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Finding Nemo Crush Turtle Wall Sticker Sets

Finding Nemo Turtle Wall Stickers

Turn your child’s bedroom into an aquatic wonderland with these fantastic Finding Nemo Fathead wall stickers! With these large stickers decorating the walls, their room will have a cool underwater feel with plenty of friendly faces to boot! Or you could put them in your kid’s bathroom – bath …..

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Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Wall Stickers

Katniss Everdeen Wall Stickers

WATCH OUT! This incredible wall sticker will have you ducking for cover as Katniss Everdeen takes aim with her bow. Also know as the girl on fire, katniss is one of the twenty four teenagers that participate in the seventy fourth annual Hunger Games of Panem. In this fight to …..

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Giant Naruto Uzumaki Fathead Wall Stickers

Naruto Uzumaki Wall Decal

Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time, starring in the hit anime and manga Naruto. The story revolves around his ninja training in the fictional city of Konoha, where he must battle enemies and try to help his troubled friend Sasuke, who desperately wants to …..

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Peyton Manning Wall Decals – Denver Broncos!

Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Wall Decal

Peyton Manning Fathead

The Peyton Manning Fathead wall decals have arrived, and boy do they look awesome. This is one of the best looking Fatheads yet. Not only do you get a great looking life-size sticker of Peyton Manning dropping back to pass, but you also get …..

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Fathead Street Grips Outdoor Floor Decals

NFL Fathead Outdoor Floor Logos

Have you seen the new product put out by fathead this week? They’ve come up with an awesome looking new line of outdoor floor stickers called Street Grips. These are made of outdoor grade vinyl and are built to stand up to normal wear and tear, plus all …..

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New College Mascot Wall Decals from Fathead

Fathead released some new college mascot wall stickers this weekend. I’ll post more info tomorrow. To see these new wall decals, go to the StickerShop and search for the new decals. I’ll put links up for everything tomorrow night.

College Football Mascot Wall Decals

Brown Bears Logo Fathead Wall Decal
Ferris State Bulldogs Logo Fathead …..

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