Another Use For Chalkboard Wall Stickers

We are collectors, my wife and I, and every week brings something new. We don’t keep it all, we scout out underpriced bargains and find the folks who know what they’re worth and are ready to pay for the service. It’s a great way to earn extra money for us and we’re getting to be well known to people who have the big money for real collections. It makes for some really interesting friendships and a lot of innovation to match up the right collectors to the right “treasures”. Another way we find ourselves innovating solutions is in the sorting and storage of these various goodies.

Our favorite containers are those 5 gallon plastic paint pails because they are inexpensive, easy to carry and stack and they protect our finds from air, dust and pests. We had an awful time trying to label the things because most labels would peel off the slick plastic. Permanent markers worked, but then the same pail would be holding something else next month and you just can’t erase those markers. We found the perfect solution in a strange place: my wife’s sister was redecorating her little daughter’s bedroom to set up a place for school studies and had got some chalkboard stickers, (big ones!) for the wall next to Tina’s little desk. It was removable and restickable, you could reuse it just forever and it could be cut down to a great label size for us. They were four to a package so we paid her for the three she didn’t need and put them to work on our “treasure pails”. They work great! Erase and reuse as often as we want.

We went back to Sis’s place to find out where she got them and she wanted to know if we could sell her one back. After seeing how handy it was for Tina, she wanted one for her desk, too – and one in the kitchen, to stick on the fridge, and one for the garage. We had to laugh. We pooled our order and got two more packages so now Sis has all the chalkboards she needs and we have all the labels we need…for now anyway.