Coffee Themed Decor and Cappuccino Machines

About six months ago my husband was laid off. Money was tight and stress was high. I had taken a second job at a local coffee shop and actually looked forward to going to work every day. Working there felt like less of a job and more of a chance to hang out with friends and a chance to learn all the commercial grade coffee machines. Let me tell you, nothing spices up the tail end of a dinner party like busting out the cappuccino machine and wowing everyone with all the different types of drinks you can make. Starbucks has nothing on me!

After many sleepless nights tossing and turning and stressing over money (or lack of), we decided that perhaps we shouldn’t pursue just another job, but pursue a job that we’d actually enjoy doing. Novel idea huh? With our savings on empty, we decided to make lemons out of lemonade, or to keep with the coffee motif, we decided to grind our own beans…nope, making lemons out of lemonade works better!

At this point we were in a financial freefall and something had to be done sooner rather than later. Since we had very little to lose we decided why not just go for it. After all what would happen if we didn’t make it? We’d lose the house and our cars, well, it was looking like that might happen anyhow at the rate we were going, so we figured we might as well give ourselves a fighting chance.

After many late nights huddled around the kitchen table crunching numbers over and over again, we finally had a business plan that was good enough to present to our friends and family (aka our future investors.) We had run several businesses of our own before, but never at the level that we were hoping to obtain with this coffee shop. Much to our relief (and amazement) we were able to raise a little over twenty thousand dollars from our friends and family.

With the location and machinery already picked out, the finishing touches were all we had left. This is where things really got fun. We knew what type of vibe we were going for, we just had to find the right nick-knacks. We called up our friends and family again to help with the decorating. We had so much fun!

Every Wednesday night became a decorating party and an experiment in design. We have an amusing and eclectic mix of wall decals, posters, and coffee bags from all over the world on the walls. Our customers comment (and compliment) on our décor just as much as they do on our coffee. The best part is that we love what we do and that our coffee shop was funded and designed with love.

We can’t help but smile every time we walk in the door. Who knew that coffee could dig us out of our financial rut, inspire us and create a sense of community…and most people think it is just for waking up in the morning!