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Custom Skins for Apple MacBook from DecalGirl

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We All Wear Different Skins

Artists, mothers, teenagers, business people, and more have unique views of the world that are personal to each situation. Instead of showing these views through conversation, why not express them through everyday things we use, like electronics? DecalGirl has responded to this question. Home of full-color, designer skins that stylishly cover and protect personal electronic devices, DecalGirl shows the importance of maintaining personality in every facet of life, including our growing selection of personal electronics.

One of the top selling products at DecalGirl are the custom skins for Apple MacBooks. You can browse through an amazing selection of thousands of one-of-a-kind designs, including abstract art, colorful sketches, graphic art, nature scenes, special artists’ collections, and pictures with social commentary, among countless others. You can also customize most skins, adding your own text to any design, from fun quotes to your lucky number.

Computers have become an extension of our fingers, molding to our touch; our new lovers. Why not decorate them with a quality skin that shows who we are, instead of who the maker, like Apple, is? This movement of expression brings new possibilities to art, design and personalization.

Taking control of your computer through design is where DecalGirl skins come in. DecalGirl’s skin kits use high-res, art-quality designs and colors, all printed on premium adhesive-backed cast vinyl, which is then sealed with a glossy, protective enamel for long-lasting protection. The exceptional, channeled adhesive used on the skins minimizes air bubbles during installation on electronics devices, and leaves no residue when the skin is removed.

Show your computer is more than just a tool. It is a display of you and your distinct interests. With custom designs from DecalGirl, people of all different styles and backgrounds have the opportunity to find what fits them best and what they really want to be looking at all day long.

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customized personalized mac-book skins

Why not customize your Apple MacBook with a beautiful laptop skin from DecalGirl? And while you’re at it, why not customize the customization….by personalizing your MacBook skin with your own text. Do you have a catch-phrase? If so, entertain your friends by including the phrase on your laptop. The ultimate in personalized and customized fun decoration. The MacBook sticker that says something! Check out the wonderful colorful designs at