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Disney Fairy Wall Sticker Sets

Tinkerbell and Fairies Montage Decals

Tinker Bell Fairies Montage

  • BIG – 2’10” wide by 4’5” tall
  • 15 extra wall decals included
  • very colorful and fun
  • easy to install and remove
  • movable and reusable
  • really pretty
  • inexpensive
  • like a big Disney wall mural without all the painting
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The stickers in this package are high quality fathead wall decals showing the Disney fairies. The sticker set is called Disney Fairies Montage because it has all the pictures of the fairies blended together and inside the big Tinker Bell outline shape. It’s a good deal because you get lots of stickers for a low price. If I had this sticker package, I would put the largest sticker, the one of the fairy with lots of other fairies inside of it, above my bed. In the Disney Fairy books, all the fairies have different talents, just like people today, so I would put the stickers of fairies in certain places. Because Rosetta, the pink sticker, is a garden talent fairy, I would put her on my window so I could look at the sticker every time I looked out the window. I would also put two pink flower stickers next to her. The blue fairy, Silvermist is water talent, so I would put that sticker on the mirror, next to my sink. The yellow fairy, Iridessa, is a light talent fairy, so I would stick her next to a lamp or light fixture, or maybe by my light switch. The orange fairy sticker shows fawn, an animal talent fairy. That sticker would go next to the large one, along with the green fairy, Tinkerbell. The rest of the stickers would go on the wall around the large fairy sticker also. This is how I would set the stickers up, but this package is so great, you could put it up any way and you would love it.

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Disney Fairies Fathead Jr.

I found two other sticker sets with Disney fairies in them. There’s a new fathead jr sticker package with all the fairy friends floating together on the wall. I would love to have that one in my room too. I like how Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa and Rosetta are all flying together like best friends. You get a bunch of extra stickers with this one too, so you can surround the fairies with little stickers of flowers and things.

Disney Fairies Fathead Jr. Decal Set

  • Brand new sticker set from fathead
  • 12 extra stickers – flowers, signs, bees
  • 2’10” wide by 2’ tall
  • Inexpensive
  • Better than a Disney wall mural!
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More Disney Fairy Tinkerbell Wall Decals

Big Disney Fairy Wall Stickers

The third fairy decal set is just called Disney Fairies. This wall sticker set is the biggest of all! It has large wall stickers of all five fairies (Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Fawn, Iridessa and Rosetta), and the stickers are three feet tall. There are also a lot of smaller stickers to go with it.

Disney Fairies

  • large fairies are 3 feet tall
  • 21 stickers total
  • Easy to put up
  • Removable and won’t damage the wall
  • A painted fairy wall mural is a lot more work (that’s what my dad says)
  • On sale now
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Decorate My Room with Fairies

These fairy sticker packages from fathead would be so much fun to use to decorate my room. I could put fairy stickers on all my walls and even put some in my bathroom and in the game room. I can’t wait for my birthday next month. I think I’ll probably get at least one of these sticker sets!! If I get them all I will have almost 50 fairy stickers! Hurray for fairies!