DIY Decal ideas

decal sticker fun for kidsDecals are an awesome way to add art to every day items. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors and can be applied to a whole array of things from home interior walls to cars and everything in between. Most are fairly easy to apply and require very little prep time and a big bonus to using decals vs stencils or rubons is that often times decals can be removed later if desired. So the next time you sit down to plan your DIY project ideas, consider including decals for an added touch.

Here are 5 ways to use decals in your DIY project ideas:

Renewed a toy chest
Toy chests are often rather plain, so spruce them up a bit with decals of your child’s favorite things. You can add a sports theme or an animal theme or even fairies and hearts. Create a border along the top of the toy chest or a pattern over the entire front. If you don’t yet have a toy chest, transform an old suitcase into a toy case using decals.

Pretty book shelves
Create a touch of elegance on old bookshelves by adding a soft coat of paint and some pretty floral decals on either side. I the bookcase has a front rim, add a pretty floral vine for an extra accent.

Create your own office organizers
Using recycled coffee tins, paint and fun decals you can create original office accessories as fabulous as you are. Thoroughly clean the can and then add a coat of your favorite paint color. Once the paint is dry adhere your chosen decals as directed. These make great containers to hold pencils, pens, scissors and more.

Decorate a nursery
Babies seem to have the cutest room motifs, don’t they? You can create a magazine quality room without the hassle of stencils nor the expenses of an artist wall mural by using wall decals. Many wall decals, once applied, look like they are hand painted images. When your child outgrows the decor, simply paint right over the decals and add a whole new look.

Add a personal touch to the kitchen
It used to be that we’d have to spend hours adding a wallpaper border or hand stenciling a design to accent the kitchen walls. This is often the most frequented room in the house, so of course the decor is important. Now, with the help of decals, we can put up a beautiful design in just minutes. To take it a step further, you can add coordinating decals to your kitchen chairs, canisters or even the cabinets or pantry door! Some decals are even words, so you can add fun sayings to liven up the space.

Now matter what you have in mind when it comes to decoring and crafting products, there is sure to be a decal that can help you get the job done a little quicker!