Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary Party

My wife and I are about to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We were married five years ago May 24th. Our wedding was beautiful and small, only our closest friends and family attended. We wanted to pay for our wedding ourselves so we kept the guest list to a minimum. Our immediate family, best friends and of course my wife’s two pet labs were the only ones invited to our wedding. We were married in a small chapel in Maine with a lobster feast reception.

Because our wedding was on the small side we want to make our fifth wedding anniversary kind of a big deal. My wife and I decided we are going to throw an anniversary party where we can re-new our vows and also celebrate our continued union with the people who were not part of our big day in Maine five years ago. This fifth anniversary party will have 100+ guest and we’re going to make it a Texas style barbeque since that is now where we live. My wife is in charge of decorations and dessert. I think she’s even going to get some custom-made anniversary wall decals to really set the mood for the party. I am in charge of the barbeque menu and all the sides since I am the bbq connesseuir among us. Our young children, Kyle and Ellie, are even getting involved and they are in charge of making the name place cards for everyone. Kyle was drawing cowboys on his place cards and Ellie is drawing a cactus on hers.

Our fifth wedding anniversary celebration is going to be yeeha style fun and we are certain it will be a memorable and fantastic way for us to pledge our commitment to each other again and to mark five wonderful years of wedded bliss together. Plus I’ve already got some cowboy cufflinks for the special occasion.