T-Rex Wall Stickers and Organic Kids Clothes

Big Sticker

There are stickers and……..then there are stickers. We are looking at a sticker that will cover a wall. Well….A wall mural is a sticker…..A big sticker, but a sticker never the less.

Now that we have refined the definition of sticker, how about a full wall mural of a T-Rex Dinosaur ? Kids love dinosaurs and just imagine a wall covered with a T-Rex. Don’t worry, Mom will get used to it and the kids will love it. Dad can install it easily as this is a peel and stick item. No cutting and no messy glue to fool with.

We are trying to remove the pollution from our world and make our world green again. Can you imagine the age of the dinosaur when there wasn’t any man made pollution and the world was green and healthy. Today, we can buy and wear clothes made of natural fibers, eat organic foods and look at a wall mural depicting the world in its ultimate natural organic state. Actually, clothes can be made of fibers obtained from some of the same plants which the dinosaurs ate. Bamboo is one of those plants and today there is a growing business of using bamboo fibers to create cloth for clothes, especially kids clothes.

Dinosaurs are not a desired commodity in todays world, but organic and natural is. Everyone seems to understand the "green" world of the dinosaur. Maybe a big sticker depicting a T-Rex will remind us all to be a little greener.