The Magic of Decals and Skins

The truth is, many of us live in a world of plain solid walls, gray plastic laptops and look-alike silver phones – not very original. It’s a shame that we spend so much of our lives in uninspired, boring, cookie-cutter environments. Does this sound familiar?….homes with stark bland walls decorated with rectangular framed “art”, personal electronics so nondescript and sterile that they could pass for cardboard props at the furniture store, cars so plain and vanilla that you expect to see a Hertz tag dangling from the keys. Why do we do it to ourselves? Where’s the fun? And what makes this worse is that the solution to this drab straight-line monochrome existence is not only easy and inexpensive, it’s downright Awesome. What’s the answer? Let’s talk about vinyl decals and skins.

Wall Decals

There’s no better way to spice up a room than to add bold eye-catching graphics. Vinyl wall decals and stickers are the perfect answer. They’re quick and easy to apply and not only that, they can be removed and often reused when you’re ready for a change. And we’re not talking about a square print either, wall decals come in thousands of shapes and sizes to take your room far beyond anything you’ll find with four corners and a frame. How about a Huge Dallas Cowboys Star Logo on the wall of your man cave? Or a row of pretty flowers rising up from behind your headboard? Or maybe a series of colorful butterflies floating across the mirror in your daughter’s bathroom? There’s no limit to the possibilities.

Car Decals

Not long ago you would have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a custom paint job to add unique graphics to the body of your vehicle. Now it’s as easy as applying an inexpensive vinyl decal. You can find anything from a simple set of stripes to a full-blown flame effect. We’re not talking NASCAR here, but hey, who’s stoppin’ ya? Go for it! And these are not cheap fading stickers either. High quality vinyl decals look great and last for years. Another nice feature of modern car decals is that unlike a custom paint job, car decals can be removed at any time without damaging or altering the original paint of your car or truck. If auto-body art is not your style, then maybe all you need is a small tribal art window decal or the logo of your favorite sports team. You don’t need to go big and bold to show some personality (but please, show some personality).

Decals and Skins for Personal Electronics

“Skins” (sometimes spelled “skinz”) are decals made specifically for your personal electronics. Each skin is designed and sold for a particular model of equipment. These decals wrap the body of the device just like a second skin (a protective colorful stylish second skin). Skins are a great way to brighten up a run-of-the-mil laptop, or to add unique color graphics to an everyday mobile phone. Not only do the skins look great, they also help to protect your electronics from scratches. Skins can be removed and replaced when you get tired of them, and they’re cheap enough to not break the bank when you do. Swap out your phone skin and it’s like getting a brand new phone for less than $20!

Other Decals and Stickers

Besides walls, cars and personal electronics, there are tons of other fun places to apply high-quality vinyl stickers: notebooks, helmets, hardside luggage, appliances, guitars, doors, skateboards, gaming systems, skis, snowboards, boats, bicycles, storage bins, furniture, CD covers, water bottles, lockers, lunch-boxes, etc. You name it! If the decal will stick, it’s a good place.

So now I ask you….if the places and things in your life are a bit dull and uninspiring, why not liven them up with vinyl decals and skins? Stir your soul and let the world know who you really are. Your future is a blank slate. Apply your style. Apply decals and skins.