Your Campsite On The Wall

I think that half the time my life is spent in a world with daydreams. I guess I have a choice to either encourage it or fight it, and today my thoughts tend to be on how to encourage it.

We already have our house decorated with many things that remind us of the great outdoors. There are a few stuffed animals and birds, copies of famous Remington paintings, an old flintlock rifle over the mantle, and many framed photographs of us and our children taken on camping trips.

It’s the camping trips that have been some of the most bonding times that our family has experienced. I want us to keep that on the top of our minds and plan to do more of those wonderful trips.

We just got finished remodeling one of the larger rooms in our house into a recreation area. As the family was sitting around discussing how to decorate the walls one of the boys came up with the idea of putting a Fathead on the wall. I have seen those advertised on TV and all I could think of was a giant picture of a football player. The whole family likes to watch NFL football, but I wanted more.

The idea just stayed in the back of my mind for a few days. As I was browsing around some camping sites on the web one day I came upon an idea. I learned that you can custom make your own Fathead by uploading your favorite image. The family is all agreed on the idea, and now we’re in the process of going through all our favorite camping pictures to come up with the perfect image of camping in giant size on our recreation room wall.

Looks like the image selection process could take some time since there’s so many, and each of the family has their idea of which one is their favorite. We also have to agree on the size since it looks like the price can be a big difference depending on how big you select your Fathead.

I am real pumped though and think we have finally hit on something to decorate with that can give us a lot of inspiration to do more camping.