Coffee Chalkboard Wall Decal

large coffee cup wall stickerCoffee is the #1 favorite drink around our house, and this is one of our favorite wall stickers. This coffee mug wall sticker is really cute and the chalkboard surface makes it a very useful addition to the kitchen. When brewing a new or unusual coffee, it’s nice to write the name of the coffee blend on the chalkboard decal to let everyone know what they’re drinking. It’s a great conversation starter for sure. I like the style of these stickers a lot. For some reason they give me the feel of a trendy coffee shop or bagel joint. Lots of fun for coffee lovers and wall decal aficianados.

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Coffee Chalkboard Wall Sticker

Price: $22.99

  • Large Bold Graphics
  • Chalkboard surface
  • Stylish and Artistic
  • Contemporary and Retro
  • Classy and Funky
  • Peel and stick
  • Easy to apply
  • Re-Usable
  • Inexpensive
  • Size: approximately 40” x 18”

Buy Now – Only $20.99

Add some caffeinated fun to your home décor today!

If coffee is your thing then this is your wall decal set. Use these attractive coffee themed wall stickers to create a Designated Coffee Zone in your kitchen. Each sticker may be individually placed to create your own unique design. These peel and stick wall stickers will work on any smooth surface – a wall, window, mirror, refrigerator, cabinet, or even a table. The surface of each decal also functions as a chalkboard, so you can write a message to your family (menu, phone message, etc.) or jot down the name of the coffee blend you’re serving each day.