Custom Phone Skins

custom engagement photo phone skinYour Own Photo as a Custom Phone Skin

I didn’t even know you could do this until recently, but it makes perfect sense. Why not make a custom phone skin using your own photo? This is a great idea. If you see something you love, you take a picture. If you like the picture you make a phone skin out of it. If you make a phone skin out of it you see the picture all the time. That means constant enjoyment and it can also serve as a constant reminder. Check out the picture of the custom phone skin on this page. That’s an engagement reminder for an engaged man. You know how guys can be, they sort of “forget” about important things like engagements (or maybe they just put that type of thing out of their minds? :) ). Nobody is going to forget about the engagement or the upcoming wedding date with a custom phone skin showing your beautiful fiance and the date of the wedding. Genius!! And an added benefit to this fine skin, is that other people won’t be able to miss it either (like that pretty girl on the bus).

This is just a fun example of a custom phone skin, but any photo can be turned into a great looking skin: your family, your dog, your favorite vacation, a cool computer graphic you created, anything.

The example phone skin you see pictured on this page was created using the custom skin creator tool. It lets you upload your image, resize it as needed, position it, add text and other graphics, you name it! Very cool indeed. I’m going to get a skin made for my iphone showing me and the 3 pound crappie I caught. Oh wait, I guess I need to get an iphone and catch a 3 pound crappie first :) . Yeah, someday!

Order now for just $19.99   ( from – prices may vary by device )

Personalized Phone Skin With Your Image!

Price ~$19.99

  • Easy to use custom skin creator tool
  • Lots of options for text and additional graphics
  • A perfect fit to your phone, laptop, mp3 player or other device
  • Easy to remove and won’t damage your phone
  • Easy peel-and-stick
  • These make Great Gifts!

Buy Now – Only ~$19.99

This custom phone skin thing is one of our favorite ideas for decals and skins. We hope you find in inspiring. Check it out.