Make Your Own Custom Wall Decals

custom wall stickers using your own photoHave you ever taken a great photo or created a great computer graphic and thought to yourself, “wow, that would look great on the wall”? Until recently, I didn’t think there was a good option for doing it. Sure, you can hang up a framed photo, but even if you blow it up to 8″x10″ or slightly larger, there is very little visual impact. There’s really not that much you can do with framed photos, other than group a bunch of them together on a wall. But now there’s a new solution – custom wall decals!

Yes, you can upload your own photo or computer graphic and have it blown up into a large wall decal. These are so cool! You can have them made in rectangular shapes (like the original photo) or you can get the subject of the picture cut out. This is a great option because it really makes the wall decal stand out from the wall. Cut out images are much more life-like and they look almost 3D. Either way (straight edges or trimmed), these stickers look great, provide real visual impact (they pop!) and they’re easy to use. You just peel and stick! Then if you ever want to move the wall sticker someday, you can carefully peel it off the wall and stick it somewhere else. Truly a modern marvel :) .

How to Create a Custom Wall Sticker

It’s easy! All you need is a good high-definition photo. Here are the basic steps:

  • Choose your photo or graphics image
    • Use a nice looking, clear, high-definition photo
    • It must be your own photo or you must have permission to use it
    • The photo should be in .jpg, .gif, .png or .tif file format
  • Use the custom wall decal tool on
    • Upload your photo or graphic image
    • Select the size for your wall decal
    • Select the cutting option (they will cut out one or more images from the photo)
    • Add special instructions if needed
  • Submit your request

Fathead will arrange your image on the sticker sheet to maximize the size of your wall decal. They’ll let you know if they have any questions or if there are any problems with your photo or request. You will receive your custom wall decal within 7-14 business days.

Custom Wall Decal Ideas

  • Your kids (sports, dance, etc.)
  • Your entire family
  • Your team photo
  • Your favorite pet
  • Buildings or architectural details
  • Statues
  • Animals
  • Landscape / Nature
  • You and your trophy fish or game
  • Car, truck, boat, motorcycle, aircraft
  • Business logo or graphics
  • Your own computer graphics
  • Your own Photoshopped image

How Much Does a Custom Wall Decal Cost?

Size Dimensions Cost
Jumbo 4′ x 6′-6″ $139.99
X-Large 4′ x 5′ $119.99
Large 3′ x 4′ $89.99
Medium 2′ x 3′ $59.99
Laptop Skin 15″, 16″ or 17″ $34.99

(prices are subject to change)

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