Stacked Stone Wall Decals

stacked stones rocks wall stickerRocks are beautiful! That’s why man has been using rocks and pretty stones to decorate things (including ourselves) for ages. This stacked-stone wall decal set is one of our favorites, and provides a great way to decorate your home with the rugged beauty of natural stone. This product is actually a set of two large stickers – each with a stack of progressively larger stones. The stickers can be applied together (stacked) to create one very tall stack of stones (approx 6 feet), or the two decals can be used separately as individual stacks. The attractive rounded shapes and varied textures of the rocks add interesting and eye-catching design features to any room, and the lovely muted colors will fit into almost any color scheme. These are real beauties! Solid as a rock!

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Large Stacked Rock Wall Stickers

Price $39.99 (list price is $79.99)

  • Beautiful muted colors
  • Wonderful rounded shapes and varied textures
  • Sticker sheet is approx 27.5″ x 39.5″
  • Can be stacked to create one tall stack (1 stack – approx 6 feet tall)
  • Each stack can be used separately (2 stacks – approx 3 feet tall)
  • Peel and stick
  • Removable and reusable
  • Great value for your decorating budget

Buy Now – Only $39.99

Whether you’re a rock hound, a rock climber or even a rock star, these stacked-stone wall decals will add some real pizzazz to your decor. They look great in any room of the house and with some creativity you can do some really neat things with them. The stickers will complement other natural stone in a room, or add a bit of an outdoorsy and rustic feel to a room with no other natural features.

One of the great things about wall decals is that they are removable and reusable, so your initial design is not “cast in stone” :) . These stones will gather no moss as you move them from room to room as your design inspiration changes.