Tiger Cub Growth Chart Sticker


Growth charts are wonderful. Without one, your child’s growth can easily slip by unnoticed and uncelebrated. It’s a shame when parents put off buying a nice growth chart, because once a child reaches the age of 3 or 4 you’ve already missed some amazing gains. Luckily, you can catch up by using the height records from your pediatrician, but it’s more fun to track your child’s growth on your own. The moral of the story – don’t delay in buying a growth chart for your child’s room. Get one as soon as your little boy or girl can stand up on their own.

We like this cute tiger cub growth chart for several reasons. For one thing, the tiger cub is just about the cutest little guy you could hope to find. Those big giant tiger paws, the cute face, and of course the beautiful stripes. We also like that you get several growth recording stickers to go with it. You can measure your child at various ages and write the date and height on the stickers. This gives your child visual proof that they are really growning…a lot! Another nice feature of this growth chart decal set is that it is made of non-PVC 3M material. These stickers are made in a more environmentally friendly way than ordinary wall decals. Non-PVC wall films are manufactured with less solvent and are designed for UV inks. These minor changes in the manufacturing process reduce emissions and help make these wall decals more earth-friendly.

Order now – $49.99  (from skinit.com)

Tiger Cub Wall Decal by Indira

Price: $49.99

  • Beautiful vibrant colors
  • Super cute baby tiger
  • Full growth-chart is 24.5″ by 67.5″
  • Movable progress stickers included
  • Non-PVC material is environmentally preferred
  • Easy to apply / Easy to remove / Easy to move
  • Great value

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