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Andrew Luck Fathead Wall Decals

Andrew Luck Wall Stickers

Andrew Luck Wall Stickers

Indianapolis Colts Logo Wall Decals

Indianapolis Colts Logo Wall Decals

Colts fans are super excited about quarterback Andrew Luck. It won’t be easy to replace the legendary Peyton Manning, but if anybody can do it, it’s Andrew Luck. But will he replace Manning on your wall at home? That’s the big question. Check out this great looking new Fathead wall decal of Andrew Luck. It’s a life-size (over 6’ tall .. that’s BIG!) full color high definition action shot of #12 getting ready to hurl a long bomb for a touchdown. Fathead stickers are durable high quality vinyl cutout stickers. They’re easy to hang up and can be repositioned and moved (be careful!). Much better than any football poster, a Fathead wall sticker is like having the NFL in your home. It’s cut to form, so there are no straight edges, just the real silhouette of your favorite players.

The away jersey (white) is over 6 feet tall. Fathead SKU: 12-21071 / comes with extra wall decals

The home jersey Fathead (blue) is SKU: 12-20890 / comes with extra stickers too

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Extra Fathead Decals

Look at the photo and you can see all the extra stickers you get with these Fathead packages … not only the life-size Andrew Luck sticker, but also several Colts decals (helmet, pennant, logo, etc.) and even a Fathead sticker. This is a great sticker package for any Indy Colts fan. You can decorate a whole room or house with these beautiful full color stickers. A great addition to any Colts themed room!

The large Colts helmet decal is almost 5 feet wide! Fathead SKU: 11-10061 / comes with extra stickers

The giant Colts horseshoe logo sticker is approximately 3’6” wide and tall. SKU: 14-14016 / comes with extra decals

Indianapolis Colts Wall Stickers

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Have you seen the other great looking Indianapolis Colts Fathead wall decals? They have several great choices, including the one of a kind Colts horseshoe logo, a giant Colts helmet, the Crazed Colt, and several other great Colts players (Dallas Clark, Donald Brown, Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney, and more). Fathead wall decals come in several sizes, so you can get the huge super impressive ones or the smaller versions (also very cool).

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