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Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games Wall Decals

Katniss Everdeen Wall Stickers

Katniss Everdeen Wall Stickers

WATCH OUT! This incredible wall sticker will have you ducking for cover as Katniss Everdeen takes aim with her bow. Also know as the girl on fire, katniss is one of the twenty four teenagers that participate in the seventy fourth annual Hunger Games of Panem. In this fight to the death, Katniss defeats the others and wins the title of a victor with her friend Peeta Mellark, though angering the esteemed capitol greatly along the way. In this incredible show of strength and bravery, Katniss is truly an inspiration.

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This wall sticker is humongous, huge, giant, gargantuan! The Katniss decal is 3′ 10″ wide x 6′ 8″ tall! That’s BIG!! (Fathead SKU: 1071-00001) Another great thing about these decals is that you can take them down and put them up again and again without ever leaving a mark on the wall! (just be gentle) The picture of Katniss is life size, very clear and high quality. The sticker package comes with a whole bunch of extra wall decals too. Just look at the picture of the decals for details – yes you get ALL of them! You can decorate one room with a Hunger Games theme or spread these great stickers all around your home. So much better than a poster! This Fathead is perfect for a bedroom, a media room, a living room, or really any room! It also makes a wonderful present. Any Hunger Games fan would love this awesome wall decal, and you can give them the movie also! Whatever you do with it, the Hunger Games sticker is going to be perfect!

Hunger Games Wall Decals

Fathead has several wall sticker packages for the Hunger Games. Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne, the giant Hunger Games logo, and more. From super large wall stickers that are almost 7 feet tall, to smaller Fathead Jrs and combo packs, there’s a great looking Hunger Games wall decal set for you.

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