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Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Skin and Wall Decals

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Phone and Laptop Skins

This skin is perfect for anyone who likes Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is one of the main characters, and most people know about him. This Mad Hatter laptop/phone skin is a great gift for any friend or family member young or old, anyone who likes Alice in Wonderland. In the movie Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter, and Tim Burton is the director. Johnny Depp was so freaky in Alice in Wonderland, especially his weird dance at the end. The mad hatter loves to make hats, and he made a lot for the red queen, played by Helena Bonham Carter. If you don’t like the look of it on your laptop or phone, you can just take it off. No one could pull off this character as well as Johnny Depp, he did a very extraordinary job. Tim Burton definitely cast the right person for the job.

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Things I like about this laptop or phone skin:

  • The laptop/phone skin looks cool
  • In the picture, the mad hatter looks crazy, just like in the movie
  • People will ask me about the mad hatter laptop/phone skin
  • It reminds me of the crazy dance the Mad Hatter does – Futterwacken

mad hatter wall decal

Mad Hatter Wall Decal

Here’s a really awesome looking wall sticker of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (Johnny Depp). It would be cool to have the Mad Hatter skin for my phone and the sticker of the Mad Hatter on my bedroom wall. I love the Mad Hatter!

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