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Cute Finding Nemo Wall Stickers

disney finding nemo wall sticker setThis colorful Finding Nemo sticker is perfect for any fan of the Disney Pixar movie “Finding Nemo”. The vibrant orange and black colors look great on any wall (but probably not orange, which it might clash with), and it looks especially nice on a blue wall, where it gives a room an aquatic underwater feel. The graphics of this decal are STUNNING, and I do mean STUNNING. These wall stickers look great in any room of the house, but mostly in the bedroom or bathroom. Imagine a kid walking into their bedroom and being greeted by Nemo’s big smile. Turn your child’s bathroom into the Pacific Ocean and let their creativity soar with this 4′3″ by 3′4″ wall sticker! That’s HUGE! The Nemo fathead decal is easily removable and peels right off the wall with little effort and no mess left behind, so you can rearrange the stickers to keep your room decor interesting.

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In the movie, Nemo is an adorable clownfish who is separated from his father Marlin and put in an aquarium in a dentist’s office, where he befriends the other aquarium fish as his father goes on an epic journey to save him. Inspire your kids to learn about the ocean and its incredible creatures by filling their room with “Finding Nemo” stickers like this one. My buddy Nemo can transform any room into the ocean. Without a doubt, people of all ages will adore him-although kids will adore him most. Nemo is like a brother- or he can be a sister, if you haven’t seen the movie. The Nemo wall decal looks so realistic and beautiful (or handsome?) that he will make any space absolutely pop! If you need something to brighten your child’s room or bathroom, this Nemo sticker set is like a glass of icy water in the hot, dry, empty desert! And the best part? He doesn’t just change your room, he changes your life! Maybe that’s being a little dramatic, but this decal’s bright colors and fishy (haha) form are sure to inspire endless creativity! And envy from friends and family alike. Great looking wall stickers impress!
disney finding nemo wall decal
Before: boring, boring, BORING bedroom

After: bright, colorful bedroom with an interesting, underwater feel

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