Fathead Coupon Promo Code Deal

Save 15% off EVERY PRODUCT with code GRAD15 today!
We just realized that we forgot to post about the latest Fathead coupon promo code that’s good for the rest of this month. You can get 15% off anything at Fathead using promo code GRAD15 during the checkout process. Just choose your favorite fatheads (wall decals, laptop or phone skins, car decals, etc.) and add them to your cart. Then at checkout, enter the code (GRAD15) into the coupon promo code box. You’ll get a nice big 15% discount! So awesome!

So see what you can find at Fathead.com to make your summer more fun and interesting. They have all kinds of stickers, decals and skins with everything imaginable on them. From sports stars to TV and Movies to animals and nature to fine art….they have it all. And it really is FUN!!!

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Here are some of our favorite Fathead wall decal sets:

Custom Wall Stickers – Turn Your Photo Into a Wall Decal

Mad Hatter Wall Decals and Phone Skins

Large Tinkerbell Disney Fairy Wall Decals

Disney Fairy Wall Sticker Sets

Large Deer Wall Sticker Set