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Giant SpongeBob SquarePants Wall Sticker Set

giant sponge bob wall sticker
large spongebob squarepants wall decals

This is the Sponge Bob Square Pants wall sticker set. Of all the wall stickers I’ve seen, this spongebob sticker is one of the best. He really looks great on the wall, don’t you think? All big and square and yellow and spongey and smiley. Sponge Bob is so cool he makes me smile every time I see him. And this wall decal package includes a bunch of extra stickers too. You get lots of decorative stickers you can apply to your wall and decorate a whole room. I think a Sponge Bob themed bedroom would be awesome! There are 3 SpongeBob sticker packages available. You can see pictures of them at the bottom.

Get SpongeBob Wall Stickers

Picture this, you get the stickers in the mail while your child’s in school, so you quickly decorate their room with these colorful wall decals. When your child gets home from school they go up to their room to put their backpack away. Suddenly, you hear, “Mommy, Mommy, spongebob’s on my wall!” Then if they don’t like the way you put it up, they could change it easily. See, these stickers are very fun and bright. Wouldn’t it be great, if you’re watching spongebob, and the spongebob stickers were right next to the t.v.? These fatheads are big, colorful stickers that make decorating rooms a piece of cake. Your child will be overjoyed when spongebob greets them after school every day.

Not a child but still love SpongeBob? You can get a big SpongeBob wall sticker too! SpongeBob stickers would also look great in a college dorm room or in a ManCave!!

What I like about this wall sticker package:

  • These decals will make a child’s face light up when they get home from school and spongebob is suddenly on their bedroom wall
  • These wall decals are reusable and you can move them with ease
  • These colorful stickers will bring years of enjoyment
  • These fatheads are not the size of normal stickers, they’re much bigger
  • The sticker is really big – 3′10″ wide and 4′3″ high

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