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sponge bob and patrick star wall stickers
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SpongeBob SquarePants wall stickers make your room look really great. The big giant stickers of SpongeBob and all his friends are totally different than any other kind of decoration you can put in your room. Instead of having a poster or a picture on the wall, you get huge stickers that are cut out. That makes it look like SpongeBob is right there in your room. You can move these big stickers too. They peel off the wall and don’t hurt the wall or leave glue or junk. The stickers are from fathead and that’s the best place to get big wall stickers.
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I like SpongeBob best, but his friend Patrick Star is really funny too. He acts kind of stupid but he is a great friend to Sponge Bob. His other main friends are Mr. Krabs, Sandy the Squirrel and Squidward. Squidward is SpongeBob’s neighbor and he’s kind of mean sometimes and not a good neighbor. But he’s really funny too, just like all the rest of the characters from Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob themed bedrooms are great. You can get all the SpongeBob sticker packages and you will have enough to decorate every wall. One big sticker would be cool and look great, but more stickers would be even more cool.