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Wall Stickers of Finding Nemo Sharks ... Big Sharks!

Finding Nemo Sharks - Wall Stickers from fathead

Finding Nemo Sharks - Wall Stickers from fathead

more info on the large sharks wall sticker set

What better way to personalize your space, to add some character to your blank, boring walls, than with three shark stickers! These sharks are not just any sharks. They are the three sharks from Finding Nemo! Unless you live in a hole in the ground or in a distant land, you’ve at least heard of, if not seen, Finding Nemo. It’s about a clownfish named Marlin who goes on a journey across the ocean to rescue his son, Nemo, from a dentist’s office after he was abducted from the ocean where he used to live. Although the movie Finding Nemo is full of tomfoolery among the sea creatures, it is overall a very good movie and incorporates many life lessons that are very valuable. During the movie, the sharks try to kill and eat Marlin and his buddy Dory but don’t succeed. From left to right, their names are Anchor, Bruce, and Chum. Such cute sharks…but so vicious. Just the circle of life, I guess. They are at the top of the food chain, after all.

These stickers are large, bright, colorful, and easy to peel off and on. No residue is left behind! Folks, I know you’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true. Well, the truth is that this is the truth! These beautiful decals have amazing graphics. The large shark in the center is 4’10″ by 3’7″ (that’s a BIG SHARK!), and the others are a little smaller.

Shark Wall Decals

  • Big Sharks on your wall! (large shark is almost 5 feet long)
  • Great detail and color
  • Bold eye-catching shapes and sizes
  • Fun Finding Nemo themed decor
  • Decorate your room with COOL SHARKS

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